Word Cloud

A Word Cloud is a artistic arrangement, or cloud, of words that represents an idea. The larger the word, the more significant they are to the concept.

There are lots of ways you can collect words to describe a concept. The easiest way to collect words for your cloud is to copy the text from a paper you've written, or from a reliable website about the topic. If you are using a word cloud to represent ideas or opinions, you could use GoogleDoc Forms to collect key words from your friends.

Take this survey, and I'll use the results to generate a DMS word cloud.

With a Word Cloud, you can...

  • Use a shape, or just create a random cloud.
  • Decide whether you want words all horizontal, all vertical, combination of horizontal/vertical, or any which way.
  • Select a font, color, and style that goes with the topic.

Now you try...

Creating a Word Cloud Tutorial

Command + Shift + 4 will allow you to take a picture of your word cloud when you are finished!

Here are a list of words that students submitted when I asked this question... "Think of a person you respect... it could be a friend, family member, teacher, etc. What ONE word would you use to describe that person?"
Word Cloud Words.rtf

The example below is a word cloud representing the concept of Social Media.