Creating a Video Slideshow

This module will help you to create a video slideshow. Your video slideshow is a way to share a series of still images and perhaps "fancy it up" with a music soundtrack. Depending on the tool you select, there are some other things you can add to your slideshow such as add narration, text, or transitions.

There are a lot of different tools you can use to create a digital slideshow. For this module, we're going to focus on GarageBand, iMovie, and Keynote. Regardless of which tool you use, you'll need to collect the project components (images, music, narration, text) ahead of time. Once you have all of your pieces together, then you can assemble them into your project. The final product will be a QuickTime movie.

Storyboard your Project:

A storyboard is the term that is used for the plan. Be sure to do all of your planning FIRST... Do your research. Write your "script." Figure out what images you'll need to find. This is a SAMPLE storyboard. Depending on your project, you may have more or less images with accompanying narration. Just use this guide to get you started.
Sample Storyboard

Collecting Images:

No matter what tool you use to create your video slideshow, you'll need to collection high-quality images. This screencast will show you how to find high quality images to use in your Video Slideshow. It will also show you how to use an Advanced search in Google to narrow your search.
Finding Images for your Project

Using GarageBand:

  • Benefits: moderate difficulty, good control of individual images, good control of individual audio clips, can include chapter markers
  • Limitations: cannot mix video clips and still images

How-To Videos:
Finding Quality Images to use in your Project
Using Keynote to Create Text Slides
Setting Up GarageBand and Recording Audio
Inserting Images into GarageBand
Adjusting Images in GarageBand
Inserting a Jingle Track (Soundtrack) into GarageBand
Exporting your Final Digital Slideshow as a Quicktime Movie

Solar Eclipses