Rap Project

Using GarageBand to Create a Song

GarageBand is a great tool for you to create a song. The song can then be exported as a MP3 and used as a media source to spice up your projects.

Some things to consider when creating a song:

  • A song should have a beginning, middle, and an end. Composers do this by creating distinctively different segments within a song. You wouldn't want to listen to a song that didn't GO anywhere, would you? The segments should not be so different, however, that they sound odd together.
  • It is important to keep the same style of music throughout a song. For example, you would not generally want to mix a techno beat into an otherwise acoustic piece. Although somebody might be able to make that work, I wouldn't suggest trying that on your first attempt of making your own song.
  • Fit together similar styles, keys, and tempos. By default, GarageBand has you set the time signature and key at the beginning so you shouldn't be able to do that anyway.
  • Sometimes you can add interest in a song by starting with an instrument, and adding other instruments to it. You can suddenly take all tracks away and leave a drum beat, for example, for effect too.
  • Many tracks have several selections that are meant to go together, for example: Southern Rock Guitar 1, Southern Rock Guitar 2, Southern Rock Guitar 3, etc.
  • When you're satisfied with your song, you can go to the Share menu, and Export Song to Disk.

If you want to create a RAP, you can just use PERCUSSION TRACKS and create a VOCAL TRACK (Male Basic or Female Basic) to record your VOICE. For best results, use a USB microphone to record your voice.

Here are some basic how-to's with GarageBand.

Some song examples:
Salsa Shake-Down.mp3
The Teacher's Song.mp3