Getting Creative with QR Codes

What is a QR Code?

QR codes came from Japan. They are everywhere in Japan, and are just beginning to take off here in the United States.

QR stands for Quick Response. These codes are designed to be scanned and in exchange you will get a piece of information on your personal device... like a cell phone. Look around... You should be able to find QR Codes in a magazine ad, billboard, or even on someone’s t-shirt. Once you scan a QR Code, you will be able to get lots of details that won't otherwise fit on the "source." Think about a magazine ad that has a QR code linking to an actual video commercial for the product. A QR code can link to a video, a website, contact information, geo tags (maps), and text. Think of a QR Code as a link that nobody has to type into a browser. You can just scan and go!

Examples in Advertising:

Tag Heuer Watches Advertisement
Sports Authority Advertisement
Infinity Car Advertisement

So how do I get a QR Code scanner?

There are lots of free scanners available for all web-enabled phones. Just go to the App Store, Market, or wherever you typically buy programs for your phone and search for QR Code Reader. Most work well.

Can I make my own QR Code?

You can use the link in this section to get to one of many free online QR Code Generators. Once you fill in the URL information, the program will generate the QR code. Click on the QR Code image, and drag it to your desktop. You can rename the file if you want. That image of your QR code can be used just like you'd use any other image.
  • Add a QR Code on a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation so students can scan for additional information during a presentation
  • Print out a QR Code and put it on a poster... Think of Student Council elections.
  • Put a QR Code on a billboard
  • Put a QR Code on the side of a bus
  • Put a QR Code on a promotional postcard to link to a movie trailer for your YouTube video or Website
  • Put a QR Code inside library books to link students to a peer blog/review of the book
  • Create a QR Code scavenger hunt

QR Code Generator

Where does this QR Code take you?