Pages Advanced Tools

Using Advanced Graphic Editing Tools in Pages

You can use Pages for word processing. But did you know that you could use pages to:
  • Create a movie poster
  • Create a DVD jacket
  • Create a tri-fold travel brochure
  • Create a logo
  • Create art
  • Create images for use in an animation

These video tutorials will help you learn how to use the advanced tools in Pages.
  1. Template Chooser
  2. Templates and Placeholders
  3. Text Box
  4. Shape Tool
  5. Color Fill, Line, Gradient Fill, Magnifying Glass
  6. Image Fill, Shadow, Shape Mask
  7. Background, Arrange, Mask, Frame
  8. Instant Alpha Tool
  9. Apple's Pages Tutorilas

difficult_5.pngHere's an exercise for you to try that will use the Instant Alpha tool to remove the background in an image, show you how to use the Masking tool to control how much of a picture to include, and show you the graphic inspector to add shadows and picture frames.
  • Download the images included.
  • Open Pages (on a Mac).
  • Watch the video.
  • Try it yourself!

Sky Background
Charlie Brown and Snoopy
VIDEO: Using Instant Alpha, Masking, and Graphic Inspector