Logo Project


You will be designing a logo to represent a certain concept or idea. A logo is a simple design that is used to represent something. A company has a logo not only so that you can easily identify their product, but also so that you'll know something about their company at a glance. Even if there are no words, a good logo should communicate to its audience through color and design. A picture's worth a thousand words, right?

This example at first glance looks like a baseball glove. If you look more closely, there is the letter M and the letter B in the logo. This logo represents the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team whose colors are blue and gold.

Your Logo:
You will be using a Logo to represent a concept or idea. These video tutorials will help you learn how to use the advanced tools in Pages. The example below was made with Pages (blank canvas).
  1. Template Chooser
  2. Templates and Placeholders
  3. Text Box
  4. Shape Tool
  5. Color Fill, Line, Gradient Fill, Magnifying Glass
  6. Image Fill, Shadow, Shape Mask
  7. Background, Arrange, Mask, Frame
  8. Instant Alpha Tool
  9. Apple's Pages Tutorials

Explain your logo. Describe how the different parts of your logo (colors, shapes, symbols, images, font, text, etc.) represent different aspects of the concept you are trying to communicate. Look at the example at the bottom of the page to see what I mean.

If your classmates looked at your logo without the abstract, would they be able to see your symbolism?

Student Sample: 8th Grade Physical Science, "Light"

Example Below: The Water Cycle