Graph Riddle

Graphing Riddles

Here is a riddle for you. A line graph shows change over time. This graph tells a story. The only information you are given is the depth (of what, I won't tell you) and time (in what unit of time, I won't tell you). Your mission should you choose to accept it is to figure out what "story" this graph tells.
Here is the solution. Don't peek! Give yourself some time to think about the riddle above.
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What would these graphs look like?
Don't get to hung up on the increments or exact measurements. Just think about what label would be on the Y axis, what label would be on the X axis, and what would the line look like?

  • Someone climbing up a ladder and jumping off a diving board (height above water).
  • Someone riding a merry-go-round or carousel (distance from center, distance traveled, height off ground).
  • Someone riding an elevator, watching the lights change as the floors pass by (height above ground floor).
  • An airplane taking off (elevation).
  • Someone driving up to a stoplight and then a stop sign (speed, distance from observer at a set point).
  • Someone walking up 3 flights of stairs (elevation).
  • Someone throwing a boomerang (distance of boomerang from thrower).
  • Someone running the bases at a baseball diamond (distance from home plate, distance from the pitcher's mound).
  • Someone riding a ferris wheel (height above ground, distance from center, linear velocity, angular velocity).

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