DVD Jacket

Designing a DVD Jacket

This module will guide you through creating a DVD Jacket to demonstrate your understanding of a concept. A DVD Jacket is the eye-catching cover that you'll find around the DVD box. Notice that you can use a title, images, starbursts, quotes, starring (important) people, and a summary in order to get your idea across to your audience.

These video tutorials will help you learn how to use the advanced tools in Pages.
  1. Template Chooser
  2. Templates and Placeholders
  3. Text Box
  4. Shape Tool
  5. Color Fill, Line, Gradient Fill, Magnifying Glass
  6. Image Fill, Shadow, Shape Mask
  7. Background, Arrange, Mask, Frame
  8. Instant Alpha Tool
  9. Apple's Pages Tutorials

Click on these tutorials to help you to create a DVD Jacket.
  1. Finding Images for your DVD Jacket
  2. Set up Framework for DVD Jacket
  3. Mask and Instant Alpha Tools
  4. Adding Text
  5. Adjusting Opacity and Adding Shadow
  6. Add Title on Front & Spine, and Saving
  7. Turn in Project to Drop Box

Here is an example of a DVD jacket.
Persian War DVD Jacket Example
Apollo 11 DVD Jacket Example


Here are some images you can use to enhance your DVD Jacket, or find your own!

dvdsm.jpg warnerbros.jpg fox.gif disney.jpg barcodesm.png