Create a Website

iWeb is a simple tool that can help you to create fancy websites. iWeb is a good example of WYSIWYG web editor... "What you see is what you get."

Some limitations in iWeb are:
  • It's best to work on your website on the same computer each day. (You can specify the publish location if you switch computers though...)
  • You can only work on iWeb at school.
  • Partners cannot work on iWeb at the same time on different computers nor can they build pages separately to combine them later.
  • Your final website will be published on the school's intranet... To be viewed inside the school district only.

Some strengths of iWeb are:
  • It's easy... difficult tasks on other web authoring programs are made easy with iWeb.
  • It's flexible... you can put text boxes, images, animations, videos, and links ANYWHERE you want on the page.
  • There are many templates to choose from that give you a polished and professional look right at the start.
  • Navigation menu is build as you go.

Web Design Tips:
  • Keep the same theme throughout your website.
  • Be consistent with fonts, image styles, inspector frames.
  • Less is more... Crazy backgrounds and a bunch of animations on a page is distracting.
  • Consider your audience. Make sure that vocabulary, topic, images, and animations match the audience you are trying to reach.
  • All text headers should match all other text headers. Once you get a header the way you like it, duplicate the header and move the copy, then you only have to change the text.
  • All text boxes should match. Once you get a text box the way you like it, duplicate the text box and move the copy, then you only have to change the contents.
  • Left align all text in text boxes, including the first line of a paragraph. You don't have to indent the start of a paragraph on a web page. Double space between paragraphs.
  • Items on your page should have a sense of order. Don't just randomly place items on your page... align items left, right, or centered.


Finding Images for your Project
Finding Animations for your Project
Building the Framework for your iWeb Project
Adding Text to your iWeb Project
Adding Images and Animations to your iWeb Project
Add Links and Video to your iWeb Project
How to Turn In your iWeb Site to your Teacher's Drop Box
Publish your website to a folder
Saving, Naming, Moving your "domain" file

Step Sheets:

Evaluating Website Design
Sample Storyboard
Finding Images, Animations, and Links
Setting up the Framework for your iWeb Site
Adding Text to your Website
Inserting Images, Animations, and Links

Sample iWeb Site:

Sample iWeb Site (Accessible from school only)